Waterdeep: The Watchmen Chronicles

Open Trials PT 1
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Three hundred candidates gathered in the early dawn light near the steps of the Hero’s Garden. Each checked in with watch officers and was handed a small leather bag containing an emblem of some kind. Quickly they realized they were being randomly assigned into “teams” and sure enough, one by one, the groups were called by different officers to move to different parts of the park.p.

One of the bag symbols was a white dragon on a red background. And soon facing each other was the party: the half-elf warlock Hollis Sondahl; human warlord Kanut Edvinson and his sister Kardis Edvinson a wizard; the brooding elf ranger Hephastion Enzio, the stalwart dragoblooded paladin Kahr Razorscale, the Genasi sword-mage Najja Zarek and the Eladrin priest Aredhel Nénharma. p.

An eladrin paladin, Arathmé Vérinil introduced herself to the group and informed them that she would be in charge of twelve tests and trials that would enable the City Watch to determine if they were fit to be taken on as recruits. She offered to sweeten the purse by ten gold each for each of them if they, as a team, all managed to be accepted into the Watch. She told them that after each test, she would give each of them a painted wooden chip- blue, green, yellow, white, or red. They were to put these chips in their leather bags and not lose them. p.

Test of Strength and Endurance Arathmé leads the party of candidates into the heart of the park, along a long stretch of path, past an empty wagon to another wagon about a quarter of a mile away, full of gunnysacks stuffed with rocks (35 lb apiece). She told them that they needed to grab sacks, run to the other wagon and deposit them, then run back and grab more. Whoever got six bags to the other wagon first would be the winner: that was Kharr. Aredhel, Hephastion and Kardis dropped bags of rocks a number of times.

Test of Honor Arathmé asked each of the party a question to guage what they would do in a situation that tempted them towards greed, prejudice or sadism. Everyone answered to her satisfaction.

Foot Race As their third test, the group had to race along the outside path of the entire park to test their speed and stamina. p. Everyone passed within the time frame, with Naijja winning the actual race.

Perception and Guile Arathmé had everyone write down two statements about themselves on scraps of vellum, one marked true and the other false. Taking turns, they had to look each other in the eye and attempt to successfully lie/successful sense deception upon each other. No one failed the test, though not every lie was surmised. p.

Melee Bout Each party member was teamed off with another to test their sword skills. Naijja proved exceptionally gifted while Kardis used magic and not only missed her opponent but knocked asunder a bystander with a magic missile and was nearly disqualified from the tourny except by the intervention of a mysterious figure in blue. p.

Healing & First Aid After beating on each other, the party was tested to see if they could properly apply bandages or offer spiritual healing to one another. p. Hand-to-Hand Combat Party members were teamed up once more, this time to fight hand-to-hand.

Lunar Calendar DR 1479

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By waterdeepwc

Here is a lunar calendar for the campaign.

Calendar of Harptos

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The red dot marks Session 1 “The Open Trial”
This is the day of the Solstice aka(20th of Nighthal DR 1478)

The blue dot marks Session 2 “Brave New Year”
This is the 1st of Hammer DR 1479.

Recent & Upcoming Roll of Years
DR Calendar
  • 1459: The Year of the Forged Sigil
  • 1460: The Year of the Malachite Shadows
  • 1461: The Year of Three Goddesses Blessing
  • 1462: The Year of the Elves’ Weeping
  • 1463: The Year of the Reborn Hero
  • 1464: The Year of the Six-Armed Elf
  • 1465: The Year of the Elven Swords Returned
  • 1466: The Year of the Mages in Amber
  • 1467: The Year of the Three Heroes United
  • 1468: The Year of the First Circle
  • 1469: The Year of Splendors Burning
  • 1470: The Year of the Second Circle
  • 1471: The Year of the Plagued Lords
  • 1472: The Year of the Third Circle
  • 1473: The Year of the Heretic’s Rampage
  • 1474: The Year of the Fourth Circle
  • 1475: The Year of the Final Stand
  • 1476: The Year of the Fifth Circle
  • 1477: The Year of the Purloined Statue
  • 1478: The Year of the Dark Circle
  • 1479: The Year of the Ageless One
  • 1480: The Year of Deep Water Drifting
  • 1481: The Year of the Grinning Halfling
  • 1482: The Year of the Narthex Murders
  • 1483: The Year of the Tasked Weasel
  • 1484: The Year of the Awakened Sleepers
  • 1485: The Year of the Iron Dwarf’s Vengeance
  • 1486: The Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls
  • 1487: The Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant
  • 1488: The Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn
  • 1489: The Year of the Warrior Princess
  • 1490: The Year of the Star Walker’s Return
  • 1491: The Year of the Scarlet Witch
  • 1492: The Year of Three Ships Sailing
  • 1493: The Year of the Purple Dragons
  • 1494: The Year of Twelve Warnings
  • 1495: The Year of the Tyrant’s Pawn
  • 1496: The Year of the Duplicitous Courtier
  • 1497: The Year of the Palls Purple
  • 1498: The Year of the Black Regalia
  • 1499: The Year of the Desperate Gambit

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