Kahrr Rutkem Razorscale

Paladin of Bahamut


p<>. Stands at a bulky 6 ft 7 inches with broad shoulders and deep chest. His scales are golden and flow into red stains at the tips of appendages. He has a bit of a “mustache” where a pair of hair tendrils fall from the edges of his muzzle in an oriental-esque manner. His plate mail is always shined to a chromatic gleam with a kite shield mounted upon his shoulders, a cloak flows out from under it majestically with the Watch tabard donned upon his chest. A draconic bastard sword crosses the smaller short sword in a stylistic fashion upon his left hip, his left arm often resting upon them.



He was hatched aggressive and was always trying to stand king over the other within the clan’s young. After his 2 years in the military he quickly returned to challenge for clan leadership only to be defeated by a somewhat unconventional cousin in a rather crushing defeat. Confused and faltering from the defeat he took a self imposed exile feeling the need to reclaim his honor somehow. Mercenary work and basic guard duties filled several years as he struggled with his inconsistencies. An apparently fated shipment of spices out of Chessenta to the Sword Coast needed swords for the long journey and found Kahrr appropriate. Who was also on the journey was none other then the very dragonborn cousin who defeated him in what seemed like ages ago. He apparently “lost” the clan and wouldn’t get into details which sparked a heated argument that lasted across a good portion of Faerun…as well as several bandit raids and an unfortunate band of Orc camps. The life changing moment though didn’t come for orcs, trolls, goblins or an evasive relative, oddly enough it was from the tiny kobolds.

(more to come)

Kahrr Rutkem Razorscale

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