Aredhel Nénharma

Eladrin Cleric


Of average height for a Shiradi of the Eladrin, Aredhel’s lithe frame tends to remain covered by lightweight fabric that she elects to wear under her armor. Her hair is often worn tucked up and away from her face, and a hooded veil of some kind is worn when out in public presumably to keep the sun off of her face. The fact that it occasionally hides her ears is also something of which she takes advantage.


As a Shidradi, Aredhel gravitated towards the Sun God Pelor at a young age. Unlike some of her childhood friends, she found herself more intrigued by the notion of seeing the worlds and planes and helping others along the way. Enticed by both the notion of excitement and the desire to relieve suffering inflicted by others, she developed an unreasonably optimistic outlook with regards to the things she intended to accomplish along the way. Seen by the Tulani Eladrin as a tolerable apologist, Aredhel uses her talents to help others regardless of race or creed. Not because she is on any grand quest to save a world, but because she does not think that help should be denied to those genuinely in need. It stems from her belief that isolation without paying attention to the worlds around them led to the birth of the Drow as a whole. And while what was done cannot be undone, one can learn from the lessons of the past and use that knowledge to guide the way in which one lives in the future.

As a large capital in which many races gathered, Waterdeep’s diversity and plight attracted Aredhel as an adventuring cleric. With letters of recommendation from Guilds she had aided with her healing abilities in the past, she came to Waterdeep, intending to enter the trials to become a member of the City Guard.

Aredhel Nénharma

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