Kanut Edvinsan

energetic youth from a village in the North


lvl 1 human warlord

Candidate for Waterdeep Watch

str: 18, con:12, dex:13, int:16, wis:10, cha:11

alignment: lawful good

positive trait: enthusiastic negative trait: naiive

init:1 hp:25 ac:13 spd:6

fort:15 rflx:14 will:12

acrob:1 athl:3 bluff:0 dipl:5 dung:1 end:6 heal:5 hist:8 ,

insi:0 intm:0 nat:0 perc:0 reli:3 stlth:1 stree:0 thiev:1


Kanut Edvinsan

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