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Waterdeep lies on the western coast of Faerûn north of Baldur’s Gate and the nation of Amn. It is a nexus for trade caravans and ships with a high tolerance for outlanders and non-human races. It is a bustling city full of wealthy merchants and guildmasters with a nobility that was founded in profitable business ventures long centuries ago. The city is dominated by trade and the pursuit of wealth. Adventurers of all walks of life can be found here. Waterdavians are largely a friendly and law-abiding people. In the summer, the city swells in population and so does the crime rate. In the winter, the harsh and icy weather conditions add their own peril to the life of a City Watchmen.

In a city as large as Waterdeep, almost everything can be bought or sold- from finished goods and edible treats to special services, magical items and some illicit goods. However, commerce in assassinations, drugs, poisons, slaves or evil magic and curses typically occurs in Downshadow and Skullport.

For the purposes of governance, Waterdeep is divided in a system of official wards with several additional districts that are slowly developing into the same.

Castle Ward, the administrative district lies in the heart of the city. It wraps around Mount Waterdeep and has a number of prominent landmarks that include Castle Waterdeep, the Lords’ Palace, Ahghairon’s Tower, New Olamn and the Cynosure.

To the south, Dock Ward spread along the harborside. It is the oldest ward, full of dockworkers, sailors and travelers. It has a history of being a lawless zone, but the worst of its elements have drifted to the Mistshore. The Mistshore is considered the darkest and wildest neighborhood on the face of Waterdeep (with Downshadow its ugly underbelly).

Along the westernside of Castle Ward, the Mountainside neighborhood is slowly developing along the Rise. Tall, multi-balconied homes for the excessively wealthy are being constructed here. One of the famous (living statues) collapsed onto its side during the tumultous times of the Spellplague and a row of five luxurious stone manors called the Downgiant Row was built here.

Just to the north of Castle Ward is Sea Ward, where the nobility dwell. Its filled with grand manors, extravagantly designed wizard towers and the city’s leading temples. Traditionally, the wealthy inhabitants of the Sea Ward spent their winters on estates south of the city but that is no longer the custom due to the violent social climate across the Sword Coast. The Sea Ward has the Sea’s Edge Beach which does not suffer from the same pollution as Waterdeep Harbor. The House of Heroes, the largest temple in the City is dedicated to Tempus and it stands just north of the Field of Triimph. All seventy-odd noble families have at least one residence within Castle Ward some of them with their own small standing armies of mercenaries and adventurers to protect themselves and their property.

Underneath much of Castle Ward as well as parts of Trade Ward and the Dock Ward is the growing district called The Warrens. Composed mostly of small buildings with a 5 ft ceiling and winding tunnels, it is a haven for halflings, gnomes and dwarves.

The Trade Ward encircles most of the City of the Dead and is a heavy commercial district with little in the way of private residences, mostly apartments above shops and a few boarding houses and inns. Its sandwiched between the North Ward- home to the upper-middle class, and the South Ward- home to the impoverished.

The newest ward is tucked between the old inner north city wall (North Trollwall) and the outer north wall still anchored by Northgate. Once the caravan camping fields, it is home to the descendents of refugees from the Spellplague. It contains both slums and some working class neighborhoods. Its home to half-bloods of all sorts and those with deformities or visible taint as well as many of Waterdeep’s elves.

Undercliff is the largest and most open of Waterdeep’s newer districts. Sprawls over meadows under the cliffs that still forms the city’s eastern edge. Large and growing larger, it has been in development for about fifty years and has a reputation for being somewhat lawless with restless and independent residents.

City Governance

The Open Lord and the Masked Lords of Waterdeep


The Nobles


The Guilds

The most influential of Waterdeep’s forty-seven recognized guilds are the Cellarers’ & Plumbers Guild, the Carpenters’, Roofers, & Plaisterers’ Guildl; the Fellowship of Carters & Coachmen and the Guild of Watermen. Because of the assassinations of Open Lords by powerful guilds in the past, there’s widespread mistrust in the guild system and many Waterdavians view the guilds are little better than criminal gangs. Most guilds are secretive and no longer public engage in city politics- openly, that is.

List of All Guilds

Baker’s Guild HQ- Master’s Bakers Hall- Trade Ward GM-

Carpenter’s, Roofers’ and Plasterers’ Guild HQ- The Stone House- South Ward GM-

Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild HQ- The Old Guildhall- Trades Ward GM-

Cooper’s Guild HQ- Cooper’s Rest- Docks Ward GM-

Council of Farmer-Grocers HQ- The Market Hall- Castle Ward GM-

Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers and Choristers HQ- The House of Song- Trade Ward GM-

Dungsweeper’s Guild HQ- Muleskull Tavern- Dock Ward GM-

Fellowship of Bowers & Fletchers HQ- The Citadel of the Arrow- Trade Ward GM-

Fellowship of Carters & Coachmen HQ- The Road House- South Ward GM-

Fellowship of Innkeepers HQ- Fellowship Hall- Castle Ward GM-

Fellowship of Salters, Packers and Joiners HQ-Shipper’s Hall- Dock Ward GM-

Fishmonger’s Fellowship HQ- Seawealth Hall- Dock Ward GM-

Guild of Apocetharies & Physicians HQ- The House of Healing- North Ward GM-

Guild of Butchers HQ- The Butcher’s Hall- Dock Ward GM-

Guild of Chandlers & Lamplighters HQ- The House of Light- Trade Ward GM-

Guild of Fine Carvers HQ- House of the Fine Carvers- Trade Ward GM-

Guild of Glass-Blowers, Glaziers and Speculum-makers HQ- The House of Crystal- North Ward GM-

Guild of Stone-Cutters, Masons, Potters & Tile-makers HQ- Builder’s Hall- South Ward GM-

Guild of Trusted Pewterers and Casters HQ- Pewterers and Casters Guild Hall- Trades Ward GM-

Guild of Watermen HQ- Watermen’s Hall- Dock Ward GM-

Jewelers’ Guild HQ- The House of Gems- Castle Ward GM-

Launderers’ Guild HQ- The House of Cleanliness- Trades Ward GM-

League of Basketmakers and Wickerworkers HQ- The League Office- Trades Ward GM-

League of Skinners and Tanners HQ- League Hall- Dock Ward GM-

Loyal Order of Street Laborers HQ – The Streets Office of the Loyal Order- South Ward GM-

Master Mariners’ Guild HQ- Mariners’ Hall- Dock Ward GM-

Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers HQ- Metalmasters’ Hall- Trades Ward GM-

Most Diligent League of Sail-makers and Cordwainers HQ- Full Sails Tavern- Dock Ward GM-

Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers HQ- The House of Textiles- Trades Ward GM-

Order of Cobblers & Corvisers HQ- Cobblers’ & Corvisers’ House- Trades Ward GM-

Order of Master Shipwrights HQ- Shipwright’s House- Dock Ward GM-

Order of Master Tailors, Glovers and Mercers HQ- Costumers’ Hall- Trades Ward GM-

Saddlers’ & Harness Makers’ Guild HQ- Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Hall- South Ward GM-

Scriveners’, Scribes’ & Clerks’ Guild HQ- The Zoarstar- Castle Ward GM-

Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers & Woolmen HQ- Guild Hall- Trade Ward GM-

Splendid Order of Armourers, Locksmiths and Finesmiths HQ- The Metal House of Wonders- Trades Ward GM-

Stablemasters’ & Farriers Guild HQ – The Guild Paddock- Trades Ward GM-

Stationers’ Guild HQ- Stationers’ Hall- Castle Ward GM-

Surveyors’, Cartographers’, & Chartmakers’ Guild HQ- The Map House, Castle Ward GM-

Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild HQ- The House of Good Spirits, Trade Ward GM-

Wagonmakers’ and Coach Builders’ Guild HQ- The Coach & Wagon Hall- South Ward GM-

Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors HQ – Tower of the Order- Castle Ward Rep-

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